How do I book the Monster?

All bookings are done electronically. Click on the reservations tab and follow the steps. Once payment is confirmed you will receive an email with the code to enter the facility.

What activities can we use the monster for?

The Monster can be used for personal trainers, sports trainers, gymnastics, baseball, soccer, lacrosse, team training, birthday parties, and much more.

What are the rates to rent the monster?

$75 per hour for training.

$100 per hour for birthdays, minimum 2 hour booking (click here for more)

Clubs, Trainers, and Long Term Rates upon request.

Why was turf monster created?

Turf Monster was created to be an affordable and easy to use facility for all.

Any other questions?

Feel free to visit the Contact Us page and send Turf Monster any questions you may have.